Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Project Before Photos

I woke with a start one early Sunday morning.  Luke was already gone to begin demo on the new 36th Street project, and I hadn't gotten pictures!  Oh no!  I called him in a panic...he had already taken pictures with his iPhone.  Good man!

Here's the first round of "before" pictures.  

The living room:

This picture doesn't do the dirt justice.  If you walked through this house, I could almost guarantee that you'd have the thought "how could anyone live like this?!".  Truly filthy.

The kitchen:


These walls are pretty typical to the doors and walls in the rest of the house.  We're told by neighbors that an "angry drunk and his kids" lived in this home.  It's filled with what look like punch and kick holes.  There's also lots of profanity written in marker on the bedroom walls.  

You can practically feel the pain that existed within these walls.  Can't wait to breathe some new life into this cute little house.

You can't tell in this photo, but the water heater is rusted through on the bottom, and is sitting in a puddle of water.  First order of business: get that thing out of there, cap off the line, and get water flowing to the house again.

Bathroom.  This room was just flat scary!  It was covered in mildew - we didn't even think about starting demo on this room without first dousing the whole room in bleach and letting it soak for 24 hours.  Even then, the guys used an air purifier and their best breathing masks.  It's especially nice how the previous owner plugged a lamp into the wall socket, and then placed the lamp right next to the tub.  Foolish and dangerous!

Apparently, they didn't like the looks of the pipe running through their medicine cabinet.  They cut small squares of wallpaper and glued them to the pipe.  Oi.

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