Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In the Works

Found a great deal on some beautiful floor tile we're going to use in the kitchen.  Who would have guessed that a savvy shopper could lay tile for less $$ than linoleum?!  Dropped it off at the house this morning, and took some more pictures while we were there.

The outside (after LOTS of overgrown and/or dead plants were pulled out).  It has a nice two car carport, a solid roof, and some neat craftsman style details.  Clearly, it needs new exterior paint.  If paint were the only work it needed, we'd do it ourselves...but the inside is going to be our priority.  The exterior paint is the only work we're planning on hiring out.

Kitchen (after removal of appliances and destroyed cabinets).  The rest of the cabinets are going to be resurfaced, and this is the floor we're going to put tile on.

The funky living room:

The bathroom (after ripping it down to it's studs/slats).  There are some rotten floorboards, but they're easily replaced.  Found a nice tub today :-)

Upstairs Bedrooms:

Stairs to the pit basement:

We've already removed one wall to open up this downstairs family room and give the space more light and room.

We're leaving one of the rooms in the basement.  Without proper egress windows, we can't technically call it a bedroom.  There is, however, a nice closet in this room.  Maybe an office?

That dinged up wall right there?  We're taking it out to make this a really nice basement family room.

This is the corner of the basement that used to contain the rusted out water heater and a crooked work bench.  This whole room will be getting a coat of paint - this will actually be a very nice sized laundry and storage room.  It's plumbed for another toilet too.  We'll have to see what the numbers look like after we get the basics in.  A second bathroom would be a great selling feature.

And the door heading back upstairs:

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