Saturday, September 18, 2010

Recent Progress

Luke has been working loooong hours to get this house on the market by the end of the month - he's been getting lots of fun stuff done.  Check out the progress (photos taken with Luke's phone):

After new windows, paint, and light fixture.  We pulled up the nasty carpet to find hardwood floors...that were beyond repair.  We're going to have wood floors, but have to put new floors over the top of the destroyed living room floor boards.  I love the look of the wood floors with this paint color though, and it's true to the era of the house to stick with wood:

I'm THRILLED with the exterior paint scheme.  This one was my choice, so I'm relieved! :-)

Bathroom tub and tile. Instead of having to cut a row of tile into awkward little slivers, Luke had the genius idea to buy a couple of inexpensive (but beautiful) sheets of glass tile to make up the difference.  What a great little touch of character too!

Kitchen and dining area with new paint, refinished cabinets, new hardware, new light fixtures (which I adore and want in MY house), and tile floor.  This photo does not reflect the fact that the floor is now finished, and the dishwasher is in place and ready to be hooked up.  Next order of business: counter-top and sink.

I'll be going through and taking excruciatingly detailed 'after' photos, and will put them up with their 'before' counterpart when it's time.

Clock's a-tickin'!  We're down to two more weeks until October...hoping to have the house listed by October 1st!

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